My paintings speak from my heart; they are a language of passion, truth, and the wonder of living with an active consciousness. They speak for my brain that needs to tell you how I see the world. My paintings are not affected by the whim or mood of the day but by the act of living in a world full of changes moment by moment. They are an awareness of the life spent on the Earth and the energy of the life force.

The line of descent to which my paintings are inextricably linked is as ancient as man's ability to stand erect. The use of geometry is found in the earliest examples of artisanship that has survived the centuries. Geometric forms and patterning has flourished at some point in virtually every known civilization to a lesser or greater degree.These elements have been used on vessels and costume, on furniture and architecture. Significance for the cultures in which it is found varies from culturally homogeneous decoration to symbolic religious systems with the intent of reaching the spiritual world. In modern times, it has been used for similar ends and for art that is non-representational - in purely formal compositions.

The Greeks in the seventh century B.C. used linear geometric patterns on vessels. The ancient art of Persia used a system of symbols to express religious beliefs and to describe the natural order of the universe. The Op artists of the 1960's used geometric formats to create optical illusion. I was apparently predisposed to paint with geo-metric formats. From my earliest training, I found ways to practice my natural inclination regardless of the structure of the art programs I was in. Figure drawing became an opportunity to see how shadows fall in a predictable pattern.

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